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Dancing with the Local stars

Our own Julie Rogers will be participating in the Pasco County Dancing with the local Stars. To win she needs different Sponsoring levels and Benefits. $1=Votes. Tickets to the event are $25.00 that come with a vote! Please Support Julie as she learns a dance Routine...

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Variable Speed Technology Makes Sense in Florida

Many of my customers ask, “What is Variable Speed Technology?” The major difference between a standard fan coil and a Variable Speed one is that the fan speed fluctuates from low to high cooling the coil down significantly and controlling the air temperature as it...

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Indoor Air Quality

Today we are all trying to make our homes more energy efficient and this means sealing up any point of air leakage or heat penetration to cut running times on the HVAC systems. With the home being less likely to “Breath” like before, the instance of more and more...

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AC Tune Up Importance

Routine HVAC tune ups help maintain the efficiency and life span of the unit. Usually tune ups are performed in the autumn and spring months when the system is not in demand.

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Fresh Air is just an install away

These days tougher codes make newer homes stronger and sealed tighter. Honestly most families do not want to bring in hot humid Florida air into their homes, but would love to have fresh air. With the Air Knight Reme homeowners will notice a difference within 24 hours of installation. The Air Knight Reme technology purifies the air passing through the system and within the entire home. It is quick and easily installed into the ductwork by a professional. Great candidates for an Air Knight Reme are families with young children, homeowners with a brand new house, pet lovers and those families with a member prone to allergies. Check out the video to see how the Air Knight Reme works.

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