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HVAC Maintenance

Our Certified HVAC Maintenance Agreement is a great way to ensure your air system is running at its peak efficiency. It includes two air conditioner tune-ups per year, priority service, and 15% off any service call needed.


Technical Performance Tune-Up Procedures

Clean and Check Condensing CoilTest Operation Pressures
Test Starting CapabilitiesTest and Adjust Blower Components
Check FiltersClean Condensate Drain
Test Voltage on MotorsTest Amp Draws
Lubricate Necessary Moving PartsCalibrate Thermostat
Check for Proper Air FlowCheck Temperature Differences
Check RefrigerantInspect Heat Exchanger
Test in Heat Cycle

Additional Benefits

Improved EfficiencyRestored Capacity
Extend Equipment LifePriority Customer Service
Inflation ProtectionMaintenance Report for your File
15% Off Total Charge for Service calls


Contact us for Certified HVAC Maintenance Agreement pricing.

To renew your Certified HVAC Maintenance Agreement, please print out and complete the renewal form (.pdf), and mail it to:

Progressive Air Systems
Attn: Julie Rogers
5907 Dasher Court
Port Richey, FL 34668

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