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Common Winter HVAC Problems in Florida

One of the perks of living in Florida is its warm climate. As a matter of fact, Florida has the mildest winter in the United States. The Tampa Bay area enjoys average winter highs of 71 degrees Fahrenheit and average lows of 52 degrees Fahrenheit. Although these...

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How to Heat and Cool Older Homes in Florida

There’s nothing that can beat an older home for charm and character. That is, until you realize that no amount of blankets and wool socks are going to keep you warm in the winter, and no amount of popsicles and ice cream are going to cool you off in the summer. It’s a...

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Window Air Conditioner vs. Whole House

Air conditioners are not created equal. They vary in effectiveness, cost and energy efficiency. Two air conditioning options are a window air conditioner and a whole house air conditioner. However, it may be difficult to choose one that’s right for you. Here are pros...

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FAQs on Mini-Split Systems

Tired of your central air conditioner and heater’s limitations? A mini-split system may be the answer.  Check out these FAQs to help you decide if a mini-split system is right for your heating and cooling needs.  1. What Are Mini-Split Systems?  A mini-split is a...

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How to Reduce Stress on Your HVAC During the Summer

During Florida’s hot, humid summer months, your air conditioner is your best friend. However, that friendship can wear thin if the unit is pushed too hard. It will struggle to keep your home cool and may even break down altogether. Luckily, there are simple guidelines...

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HVAC Guide for Mobile Homes

Guide for Mobile Homes Mobile homes, also called manufactured homes or prefabricated homes, have numerous advantages that make them very desirable to potential buyers. As a matter of fact, they’re so popular that they numbered 8.5 million in the United States in 2019....

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Springtime HVAC Maintenance Checklist

You probably have a springtime maintenance checklist: wash the windows, launder the curtains, mop the floor and scrub those grubby fingerprints off the door jams. However, there’s another spring checklist you should address, and that’s a springtime HVAC maintenance...

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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Florida

When you hear the words “air pollution,” you may think of car exhaust fumes, hazy smog, and factories belching smoke. As bad as outdoor air pollution seems, though, indoor air pollution is much worse. According to the EPA, indoor air pollution levels can be up to five...

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