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Why Is My Refrigerant Line Frozen?

It can be baffling to see that your refrigerant line is frozen on hot and humid day in Hudson or one of the new developments in Odessa. While you scratch your head in the scalding sun, your AC unit is in need of urgent care! There are several things you can do as a...

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Why Is My AC Unit Not Blowing Cool Air?

Every summer across Florida, there are plenty of malfunctioning AC units that are not blowing out cool air. Because most of the time your AC unit could be running but not cooling your home at all! There could be one of several issues going on here that you as a...

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Why Do I Have A Loud HVAC?

AC units are not necessarily the quietest appliances in your home. With innovation, the decibels at which they run have over time become drastically lower. Older, loud HVAC systems that lack these design features may seem to roar more than a purr. When you consider...

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Why is My AC Not Working?

The worst experience that can occur to any Florida homeowner is their AC not working properly or giving out on a hot day. While the sticky, moist, hot air is inside your house, and out. In addition AC unit that just isn’t working can be caused by quite a few issues....

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Product Spotlight Infinity 18VS

Carrier® Variable-Speed Technology embodies a new level of product performance found in the Infinity 18VS heat pump. Compared to two-stage heat pumps, the Infinity 18VS heat pump, using a sophisticated internal control and is paired with the Infinity Wi-Fi Controller....

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Why Does My Air Handler Keep Running?

An issue some homeowners will run into is that their air handler will seem to run almost all of the time. 24/7/365. Which is a definite sign of an urgent problem that you need to fix! The best solution to this is calling out one of Progressive Air System's licensed...

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When Does My AC Unit Need Coolant?

Coolant isn’t ever “used up” like a car uses gas or oil. It’s just circulated around your A/C system to cool your air. No Coolant is lost in the process. Though over time with each air conditioning service, tests to check your refrigerant could add up to lost amounts....

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Côr™ WiFi Thermostat

Technology is rapidly advancing. Our partner Carrier, having created the air conditioner, is at the center of HVAC advances. It is only natural that they have complemented their Performance line series with their most exciting feature yet. Introducing the Côr™ WiFi...

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What Happens If I Don’t Change My AC Filter?

If your AC filter is left unattended for too long, you are putting the health and well-being of yourself and your HVAC unit at risk. Which can lead to costly air conditioning repair bills! When the AC filter becomes dirty and clogged, that means all of the air that...

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