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An issue some homeowners will run into is that their air handler will seem to run almost all of the time. 24/7/365. Which is a definite sign of an urgent problem that you need to fix! The best solution to this is calling out one of Progressive Air System’s licensed technicians. It could be quite a complex issue that involves tasks we don’t recommend homeowners doing!

Though Do Try These Tips For Your Air Handler!

Fan Switch
• Ensure that your fan switch isn’t left in the “on” position. This will cause the fan to continue to blow even when the unit isn’t cooling. This will bring in sticky, humid air in from outside and cause your bills to skyrocket!

Broken Outside Unit
• When your outside unit isn’t working or is broken your air handler can continuously run. Because, if your outside AC unit’s broken it is imperative to get the broken AC parts replaced. Or you may need to get a new unit entirely.

If you cannot figure out the cause of your air handler continuously running, that is the point to call out one of our licensed technicians for an air conditioning service. Because, they will be able to test the well-being of your outside unit, the status of your air handler, and any other underlying causes that could be the root of your heightening utility bills.

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