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Penguin Bucks Details

What are Penguin Bucks?
Penguin Bucks are like coupons that have monetary value with Progressive Air Systems. Single system Penguin Club Members will receive $30 in Penguin Bucks, additional systems will receive an extra $15 in Penguin Bucks!

What can Penguin Bucks be used for?
Penguin Bucks can be spent on any repair, indoor air quality product such as a Filter sys-tem, UV Light, Replacement UV Bulb, Replacement Filter, Upgraded Thermostat, New Duct Work, or even a New System. Penguin bucks cannot be combined with the 15% discount, used for Diagnostic Fees, purchasing an extended labor warranty or on purchasing/renewing a Penguin Club maintenance agreement. For more information, please contact our office at 855-847-3898.

Are Penguin Bucks Transferable?
Yes, Penguin Bucks can be transferred to a first time new customer of Progressive Air Sys-tems. If you decide to give your Penguin Bucks away to a new first time customer, Progres-sive Air Systems, Inc. will give you another $30 in Penguin Bucks for yourself. Penguin Bucks can also be transferred to a new homeowner, if you sell your home. The Penguin Bucks stay with the property.

Can I earn more Penguin Bucks?
Yes, the Penguin Bucks can accrue from year to year.

How can I use my Penguin Bucks on my next Repair?
You can use your Penguin bucks simply by letting the office know when you call to set the appointment.

If I sign up for the Penguin Club during a service call, can I use my Penguin Bucks during that visit? No, you may not use the Penguin Bucks during the first service call you sign up for the Penguin Club, however, you may take advantage of the 15% Discount at that time. You will receive your Penguin Bucks in the mail shortly after you have signed up and can use them towards the next Service Call or to upgrade any of your accessories (i.e. Thermostat, Filters, UV Light, Air Purifier etc).

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