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AC units are not necessarily the quietest appliances in your home. With innovation, the decibels at which they run have over time become drastically lower. Older, loud HVAC systems that lack these design features may seem to roar more than a purr. When you consider upgrading or replacing your existing unit be sure to consider the decibel level at which it operates. The newer systems can still be just as loud so ask your sales representative that you are looking for a quiet AC unit.

Some units that are lacking service can begin to make some funky noises because of negligence.

Loud HVAC Noises

• Rattling – Debris caught inside exterior unit.
• Grinding – Worn bearings on a fan motor.
• Popping – Air duct issues.
• Hissing – air duct issues or refrigerant leak.

Once you begin to hear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable about the well-being of your HVAC system, it is best to turn it off and call one of Progressive Air Systems, Inc. certified technicians to come out and inspect the problem immediately. It is best not to take chances with the machines that stands between you and the Florida heat.

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