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If your AC filter is left unattended for too long, you are putting the health and well-being of yourself and your HVAC unit at risk. Which can lead to costly air conditioning repair bills! When the AC filter becomes dirty and clogged, that means all of the air that passes through it will be full of dirt and allergens. Speaking of allergens, this can lead to a number of health abnormalities you could experience in your home or workplace. Such as headaches, fatigue, and an assortment of cold symptoms that may seem to endure long-term. This cannot be avoided unless you regularly check, clean, or replace your air filters.

This dirty air also leads to reduced airflow. Which takes a toll on your HVAC parts and unit and your utility costs! Your Carrier AC Unit is designed to operate using a certain amount of air. Because, if you starve the unit from that it will only lead to your AC malfunctioning and ultimately dying. These inefficiencies lead to dirt building up on the cooling coils and fans. Making your house more and more difficult to cool. As you lower your AC thermostat to compensate, your utility costs will only continue to rise and your AC unit will slowly wear out.

Our AC Filter PSA

We here at Progressive Air Systems insist that you check your AC filter every 30 days! If you are unsure on the status of all of your air filters. Call us today to schedule an appointment with a Progressive Air Systems licenses technician. We will be happy to help you arrange monthly filter delivery through our partners at