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In the Sunshine State, where the heat can feel relentless, a fully functional air conditioning system isn’t just a comfort—it’s a necessity. As temperatures soar in Florida, the importance of reliable AC repair services becomes apparent. Whether you’re a resident seeking refuge from the scorching sun or a business owner maintaining a comfortable environment for clientele, the need for efficient AC solutions is universal.

Discover why Progressive Air stands out in the world of AC repair services in Tampa Bay.


Before undergoing any work, it’s crucial to have a qualified Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technician inspect the property and the existing system. Professional inspection for maintenance is necessary for several reasons. A qualified HVAC technician can identify potential issues, prevent future complications, and ensure optimal system performance. This thorough examination provides insights tailored to specific needs, minimizing the risk of additional problems and enhancing overall efficiency. Investing in professional inspection establishes a solid foundation for maintenance or repair, contributing to the reliability and functionality of your HVAC system and ensuring a hassle-free and comfortable environment.

Progressive Air ensures a thorough examination to minimize the risk of additional problems and uncover hidden issues, providing a solid foundation for maintenance and repair. Progressive Air’s skilled professionals offer timely service and valuable insights on system maintenance and fine-tuning, ensuring longevity and efficiency.


Electrical apparatus, including air conditioners, can develop glitches without warning. Understanding that electrical issues can occur unexpectedly, you might require emergency AC repair in scenarios such as sudden breakdowns, unusual noises, odors, tripped circuit breakers, refrigerant leaks, severe cooling performance decreases, smoke, or sparks. These situations demand swift action to restore comfort, prevent further damage, and address potential safety hazards. Emergency repairs ensure the efficient and safe functioning of your AC system, especially during critical times of use or when faced with sudden malfunctions. That’s why Progressive Air offers emergency AC repair services. If your air conditioner breaks down at an inopportune moment, our HVAC technicians can provide immediate assistance.


Beyond repairs and emergency services, Progressive Air offers a comprehensive range of AC services. From installations to routine maintenance, our experienced technicians provide solutions tailored to your needs. We specialize in optimizing your AC system’s performance, ensuring energy efficiency, and extending its lifespan. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, our commitment to excellence permeates every aspect of our service, making Progressive Air the trusted choice for all your air conditioning needs.

AC Repair


At Progressive Air, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We are a trusted partner, offering expert technicians, outstanding customer service, and emergency repair services. With meticulous attention to detail, decades of experience, and an unwavering dedication to providing superior AC services, we set a standard of excellence in the industry.

  • 39 Years of Excellence: Founded in 1985 and presided over by Bill Rogers, Progressive Air remains a family-operated business. With a legacy of 39 years, we take pride in delivering excellent service with an honest work ethic.
  • Serving Tampa Bay: Although located in Port Richey, Pasco County, Progressive Air extends its services throughout Tampa Bay. Our team, strategically positioned on the West Coast, ensures prompt responses to your HVAC needs.
  • Award-Winning Service: Progressive Air has garnered recognition, including the Service Industry of the Year Award, Angie’s List Super Service Award, and the prestigious President’s Award as one of the Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealers in Florida.


At Progressive Air, we are a well-established air conditioning company in the Tampa Bay Area, known for our professionalism, expertise, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Over the past 30+ years, we’ve diligently served residential and commercial clients, earning a reputation for delivering top-notch AC solutions. Our team of skilled technicians and a diverse range of services make Progressive Air the trusted choice for all your air conditioning needs. Experience the Progressive difference; contact us today for unparalleled service and comfort.

Choosing the right air conditioning company is crucial for installing, maintaining, and repairing your AC system. In your search for the ideal air conditioning partner, you require a dependable company with skilled technicians and a well-established history of delivering top-notch solutions. With Progressive Air, your peace of mind and lasting comfort are guaranteed. Choose to work with us, and rest assured that your AC system is in capable hands.