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Something that every homeowner should be conscious of is maintaining the well being of their AC unit. This can be done by calling out a Progressive Air Systems Technician to give an air conditioner service and perform any needed maintenance. It is best to do this during each spring and fall as typically AC parts will break on the hottest or coolest day of the year. Be sure to take any recommendations the technicians give you to save the call out fee another time. 

The two most expensive things in your house to replace is your roof and your AC system. Just because you purchase a new system and you have a warranty, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do maintenance. Just as you have a brand new car doesn’t mean you don’t change the oil. To maintain the best heating and air cooling system and avoid unwanted air conditioning repair it is imperative to have regular servicing of your unit. Every spring and fall, or at least once a year should give you peace of mind over the functioning of your AC unit.