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It is highly recommended that home and business owners regularly have maintenance on their HVAC system.  Routine tune-ups help maintain the efficiency and life span of an air conditioning unit.  An air conditioning system is one of the top consumers of energy in the home and by having an annual ac tune up it will help maintain the energy efficiency of the system.  Although systems can be tuned up anytime throughout the year, it is best to have the system checked out in the fall and spring months where the demand is lower on the system.  Many customers feel better knowing the condition and reliability of their system prior to truly needing it.   Just as it is important to have oil changes completed on your vehicle, it is important to have a checkup completed on your HVAC system.  Progressive Air Systems will check the refrigerant level, check the thermostat, inspect the motor, clean the drain line, check filters, clean contractor, check around air handler for leaks, tighten electrical connections in condenser, oil evaporator motor, tighten electrical connections in air handler, examine all parts for visible wear, and provide a detailed report for the homeowner for their records.