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Every summer across Florida, there are plenty of malfunctioning AC units that are not blowing out cool air. Because most of the time your AC unit could be running but not cooling your home at all! There could be one of several issues going on here that you as a homeowner can solve. Otherwise, it is best to call out a licensed Progressive Air Systems technician.

Make sure that your AC fan is set to “on” and air is coming out of the supply vents. Is cool air coming through? Because, If not make sure that your air filters are not dirty and blocking the air from passing through. Because, If that isn’t the issue it could be a dirty AC unit on the side of your home. Make sure it is clean, the fan is clear of debris, and it has plenty of breathing room.

If none of these solve the issue it could be related to power issues for your HVAC system. Typically, the AC is on two breakers. One for the outside unit and one for the inside. Check to see if these need to be reset. If your AC has a float switch, make sure it hasn’t been activated due to a full drain line or pan.

If you are a new homeowner and at peak power consumption times notice your AC system shut off. Your home could be configured for load management with your local power company. This allows them to control the power supply for your AC system in order to level out power consumption. Homeowners who take part in this program receive monthly credit from their power companies.

In conclusion if the issue isn’t related to air filters or power, it could be a refrigerant problem. In which case it is best to call out one of Progressive Air Systems licensed technicians for an air conditioning service today!

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If your air conditioning unit is not cooling your home and you are based in the New Port Richey, Tampa, Trinity, Odessa areas, contact Progressive Air Systems for an air conditioning service today.