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When installing a new HVAC system there is nothing more important than sizing it correctly. That can easily be achieved by calling out one of our technicians to perform a heat load calculation on your home. What is your heat load? It is the amount of heat required to be removed within 24 hours, measured using British Thermal Units (BTU). You should have a heat load calculation on your home each time you change out the system as you may have changed out windows or perhaps the last contractor didn’t do one correctly. It takes into consideration your house size, insulation, heat gain from appliances, number of residents, amount of windows, window placement, and finding heat/cold loss areas.


Going about selecting the best heating and cooling system for your home without sizing could prove expensive. Selecting too high a capacity AC unit can lead to short cycle, which is the compressor not being able to run long enough to dehumidify your house, leading to mold and mildew. If it is constantly in short cycle the stopping and starting of the unit will cause higher energy bills, shorter lifespan, and the increased need of maintenance. By choosing a unit that is too small for your house you run the risk of the unit working constantly to cool your house and you still end up having higher energy bills.


By calling out a Progressive Air Systems technician we can perform a heat load calculation and size your house properly with the perfect Carrier air conditioner unit for you. Otherwise you can run the risk of installing the wrong unit for your house that will create higher energy bills and have a short lifespan!