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Efficiency, sound, and sheer innovation: Carrier® Infinity® Series air conditioners represent years of design, development and testing with one goal in mind – maximizing your family’s comfort. Breakthroughs like variable-speed technology, superior humidity control, smaller cabinet sizes and units designed specifically for the rigors of coastal area installations, mean there’s a model tailored to your needs whether in Hudson, Trinity, or West Pasco. Whether you expect maximum energy savings, maximum comfort, minimal sound or all of the above, Carrier Infinity Series air conditioners have you covered.

Infinity Series touts the best heating and cooling system SEER ratings, starting at 16.0 SEER and up to 21.0 SEER. By being Carriers most efficient line you can have, annual energy savings can reach near to $130. Featuring their Silencer System II you have one of the quietest AC units on the market. Even a simple conversation will drown out the noise of an Infinity Series unit with levels as low as 56 decibels.

Not only are your energy savings higher while your noise levels go lower, you get added features that no other Carrier air conditioner system has. Such as our Greenspeed Intelligence system, Infinity Touch Control Carrier humidifier, Ideal Humidity System, and not to mention a WeatherArmor Ultra cabinet protection. With the value packed Infinity series, you know that you will have the coolest house on the block.