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First off, as a homeowner it’s important to understand the ins and outs of your HVAC unit over time. Furthermore especially when it comes down to understanding which refrigerant your unit requires. In the HVAC industry there is a phasing out of the old R-22 refrigerant in order to switch to R-410A. Therefore, that is great to know, but what is the big deal between these two refrigerants?


  • Commonly known as its brand name
  • Prohibited to be sold in new HVAC as of 2010 under Federal law
  • Contains HCFC, a carbon molecule that aids in depleting ozone


  • Refered known as its brand name Puron®
  • Contains HFC, a carbon molecule that doesn’t harm the natural ozone layer
  • Is the industry standard refrigerant for new air conditioning systems as of 2015.

The performance difference between R-410A and R-22 is quite vast. The refrigerant, R-410A, can handle a much higher level of pressure. New AC units that allow for stronger compressors see an increase in performance. Because, if you were to fill up your old AC Unit that requires R-22 with R-410A the air compressor would crack as the pressure would be too great. Therefore this increased efficiency and less contribution to ozone depletion is why you should greatly consider a new Carrier AC system when you switch out your old system.