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It goes without saying that summer is one of the busiest vacation seasons of the year for Americans. Or perhaps you are a seasonal “snow bird”? However long your trip, one thing all homeowners are conscious about is keeping their energy bills low while they are away even when owning the best HVAC system. As you head off on various trips throughout the summer this year, here are some important tips on how to save energy while you are away!

Increase the AC Thermostat

While you are away you are not concerned about the usual comfort temperature of your home. By raising it a mere 2º to 4º it would still protect your home from humidity and save you money. For every 1º that you raise your temperature there is a utility savings of 4%! It is appropriate to have it raised only a little to save the humidity levels. If you happen to raise it too much, it leads to AC units not running at all which isn’t good for your home and could lead to mold issues!

Close Blinds and Curtains

Be sure to lower all blinds and close curtains to avoid your house from varying in temperature too much. By keeping these closed you can slow the change in temperature that the sun’s rays cause on your home. This will keep the temperature more constant and avoid any heavy sporadic use of your AC unit while you are away.

Unplug Energy “Hogs”

Another useful tip that can be used is avoiding the use of phantom power while you are away! The extra electricity that is drawn from devices even when turned off. Typically energy hogs like kitchen appliances, TV’s, chargers, and computers. By keeping these items on a power strip with a simple flip of a switch you can avoid any unnecessary energy costs.

Using these simple, added steps before going on vacation will give you peace of mind over your energy efficiency and costs while you are away taking a vacation from your energy bill.