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Greenspeed Intelligence Technology

Wherever the expression “best of both worlds” originated from, it is a bit limiting when it comes to describing the benefits you get from Carriers Greenspeed Intelligence Systems. For homeowners looking for the best heating and cooling system, that also delivers enduring comfort, the highest levels of energy efficiency, and the absolute quietest operation, the Greenspeed Intelligence not only gives you the best of both worlds – but the moon and the stars. Within the past 110 years since Carrier entered the HVAC industry, this is the smartest thing they have accomplished to date.

Greenspeed Intelligence is only made possible as you pair it together with Carriers best Infinity systems – The modulating Infinity 98 gas furnace or the variable-speed Infinity 20 heat pump. By integrating the two systems you achieve an Infinity system unrivaled by none other, taking your energy efficiency to a whole new level. With adaptable speed your furnace or heat pump can have the ability to run from 40% capacity to 100% capacity. Meaning your Greenspeed Intelligence enhanced system can detect what operating capacity is needed to keep your house acclimated at the right temperature at the right energy efficiency.

By choosing the Greenspeed Intelligence System your HVAC system receives these added benefits:

  • Runs low, slow and amazingly quiet
  • Adjusts with precision to the heating and cooling demands of the home
  • Operates at longer, but lower and steadier capacities—for example, the majority of the time the system can operate at only 40% capacity
  • Creates incredible efficiencies—in fact, our Infinity® 20 heat pump with Greenspeed Intelligence is up to 69% more efficient than other ducted air source heat pumps available today in the 3-ton size.
  • Makes air purifiers, humidifiers and other system enhancements even more effective.