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Maintaining AC units as a homeowner should be as frequent as cleaning and servicing automobiles. They cost the same and cause just as much of a headache to repair when they break! There are some essential tips that every single homeowner must do for their AC parts in order to ensure the longevity of their HVAC system.

AC Filters

  • Sprinkle pepper over a clean air filter. If it falls through, get a better filter.
  • Change with every utility bill. Otherwise next month’s will be higher!
  • Dirty filters will only clog up and slow down your unit.
  • An air filter MERV rating of 8 is appropriate.

Clean Outside Unit

  • Fertilizers like Round-Up have corrosive properties that can break your unit!
  • After landscaping or mowing ensure that you hose off all excess debris.
  • Debris gets caught in coils and can also break your unit!
  • A bit of car wax will bring back that original shine and help deflect water.

Drain Line

  • Use a Shop-Vac every 30 days to keep your drain line clean.


  • Some use batteries to work and need to be replaced once a year.


In the event that a problem does occur that requires immediate air conditioning repair. Turn off your AC system and call one of Progressive Air Systems licensed technicians. They will steadfastly diagnose your AC’s problem, rectify it, and make sure they leave you far more comfortable than you were before, in that Odessa heat.

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