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Carrier® Variable-Speed Technology embodies a new level of product performance found in the Infinity 18VS heat pump. Compared to two-stage heat pumps, the Infinity 18VS heat pump, using a sophisticated internal control and is paired with the Infinity Wi-Fi Controller. Coming in either a five stage 18 SEER model or the Greenspeed Intelligence Model.

The Infinity 18VS heat pump is up to 58% smaller in overall size than current Infinity 16 two-stage heat pumps. Installing an energy-efficient heat pump like the all-new Infinity® 18VS heat pump will do you well. With Variable-Speed Technology can potentially net you more than just energy savings. Many states and local utility companies also offer rebates. As well as other incentive programs toward new purchases of energy-efficient heating and cooling systems.

Featured with Infinity® WIFI Controller. A unique HVAC software system that allows all of your AC parts to communicate. It also includes WIFI compatibility for remote control and even weather updates. The Infinity® 18VS even completes self-diagnostics as it is self-aware. Even sending out notifications if there is problem with any one part of the system. Nothing else is like it. Truly a communicating system. Without a doubt, the Infinity 18VS is the best HVAC system in the industry.

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Whether it be new construction in Odessa or upgrading a coastal home in Tarpon Springs, you cannot beat the Infinity® 18VS.