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Quality, environmental stewardship and lasting durability: The Performance Series systems is engineered for year-round comfort in your home with an improved efficiency over our Comfort Series. When it comes time to change out your existing AC Unit, we at Progressive Air Systems always recommend Carrier Air Conditioner for your home. By installing a Performance Series unit you get added humidity control, quieter operation, and the Côr™ Wi-Fi Thermostat.


With SEER ratings ranging from 14.0 to 17.5 you will be sure to meet the minimum Southeast Regional Efficiency Standards. Add in the two-stage condensers with your Performance Series to further enhance efficiency and comfort through precision humidity comfort. All of this is achieved with some of the quietest HVAC systems on the market, as Performance Series models are included with the Silencer System II™ components. These aim at reducing airflow and vibrations with an aerodynamic top, compressor sound blanket and quiet motor mounts. Encased completely in WeatherArmor™ Ultra cabinet protection it will protect your unit from dings, dents and other outdoor threats.


Refining on quality, efficiency, and comfort control the Performance Series is the prime choice for keeping yourself and your family cool throughout the year. When looking for the best HVAC system to replace your existing unit be sure to consider our HVAC Partners, Carrier, who have specialized in keeping us cool for more than a century.