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It can be baffling to see that your refrigerant line is frozen on hot and humid day. While you scratch your head in the scalding sun, your AC unit is in need of urgent care! There are several things you can do as a homeowner to fix your AC unit. Although, it may lead to calling out one of Progressive Air Systems technicians to solve the problem.

First and foremost: Turn off the AC unit and set the fan on. This will thaw out the frozen evaporator and ac lines. Not doing so can break the air compressor causing further air conditioning repair. Which will cost you heavily!

What is the problem though? The frozen lines may only be but a symptom of further malfunctioning HVAC parts. Typically, the line freezes due to the refrigerant cooling to a liquid instead of a gas from the evaporator. It can freeze over due to low air flow or a low amount of refrigerant. At home it is important to make sure you fix the following:

Possible Issues

Dirty Air Filters

• These can cause a slowing of your blower. The air is not being pulled through properly. The refrigerant drops in temperature and can freeze the lines.

Closed Air Vents

• If you close your air vents for any reason in certain rooms. Make sure that you adjust the vents to not close them all the way. As air is still blowing and gets stuck at this closing. It condenses in the ducts and causes mold growth also.

Frozen Coil

• Check for air coming out of your vents with the AC on. If not check on your AC units’ coil to see that it isn’t frozen. If so, continue to thaw out the unit with the AC off and the fan on.

Refrigerant Leak

• Ensure the levels of your refrigerant are fine. Over time, even with a regular air conditioning service you will lose small amounts with each service. A technician adding half of a pound of refrigerant is fine. At that point, ask for an “electronic leak search.”

By rectifying all of these problems it may still be necessary to call out a licensed technician to take a closer look at your HVAC Unit. They will be able to address whether or not there is a refrigerant leak, inefficient indoor blower, clogged evaporator coil, or something else.

Calling out one of our licensed technicians is the quickest and most cost efficient solution to solving frozen refrigerant lines. You should notice immediate improved efficiency from your AC units, which will pass savings onto you!