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When installing your new Carrier Air Conditioner an imperative step is registering your unit online to ensure your full warranty. All new Carrier factory AC units come with a factory warranty of 1 year labor, 5 years parts, and 5 years compressor. Though if you own your home and go through with our online registration you can extend that warranty to 10 years for parts and 10 years for compressors! Registering requires no cost and only requires an internet connection.

Just follow Carrier’s extremely easy “five step registration process:”:

  1. Serial Number & Model Number
  2. Equipment Owner Information
  3. Equipment Location
  4. Dealer Information
  5. Review & Submit

Within minutes you can double the warranty length of your HVAC unit! Though it is important to register within 60 to 90 days, otherwise you will lost out on this opportunity. Ask your Progressive Air Systems technician after they install your new unit how to go forward with product registration through our HVAC partners Carrier.
-Harry Van Huis