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The Penguin Plus Club

Semi-Annual Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Once the form is complete, you will receive an email with a secure link to pay online.  If you have any questions, please contact our office at 727-372-5717.


Penguin Plus Form Agreement

Your Systems

Terms and Conditions: This is not an extended warranty, nor does it imply warranty coverage of any type. Maintenance agreements are non-refundable. They are trans-ferable to the new owner of the same address. 24-Hour notice is requested for cancellation of a maintenance visit. We make every attempt to contact you to schedule maintenance and are not responsible for delays in your maintenance. We reserve the right to reschedule any appointment. Maintenance will be performed Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8am and 4:30 pm. Systems must be accessible in order for maintenance to be performed. Agreement takes affect once payment is received.

This maintenance agreement is not a service contract and does not include the cost of labor and parts for repairs to the covered equipment. In no way does Progressive Air Systems, Inc. accept any responsibility for problems that may arise during the operation of this equipment or operator error while covered by this agreement. Progressive Air Systems, Inc. is not responsible for damages and/or loss caused by condensate water damage, dirty filters or from the delay in performance of the maintenance agreement for any other reason. Customers are responsible for cleaning their drain lines and filters in between maintenances. Mold, mildew and rust are the responsibility of the owner. Other companies servicing this equipment may void this agreement.

Services included with each AC Tune Up:

  1. Measure Air Temperature Differential
  2. Check & Calibrate Thermostat
  3. Check Refrigerant Levels & Pressures
  4. Add Up to 1 Pound of Refrigerant if Needed on Tune Up
  5. Tighten; Check Contactor
  6. Test Capacitors
  7. Check Amp Draw on Motors
  8. Tighten all Electrical Connections
  9. Test Voltage & Check Condensing Fan Motor
  10. Check Fan Blade
  11. Oil Motors (Condenser & Blower) if Needed
  12. Lubricate Necessary Moving Parts as Required
  13. Inspect Evaporator Coil if Accessible
  14. Blow Out Drain Lines
  15. Remove All Debris from Unit
  16. Check Primary & Secondary Drains
  17. Check for Air Duct Leakage
  18. Check Safety Switches for Proper Operation
  19. Inspect, Clean or Replace, with owner supplied, Air Filters
  20. Clean Condensing Coil with Garden Hose
  21. Customer Maintenance Report for Your File

Benefits you can expect:

  • Extend the life of your Air Conditioner
  • Reduce utility costs
  • Reduce repairs
  • Provide a more comfortable indoor environment

Penguin Plus Perks:

  • 15% discount on heating and air conditioning repairs
  • No Overtime or Weekend Fees
  • Priority Service if AC unit breaks down
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • $45.00 in Penguin Bucks & $15 additional Penguin Bucks for Extra Unit*
***Penguin Bucks can be used towards Repairs, New AC Systems, New Duct work, Indoor Air Quality Products such as Air Knights, Media Filtra-tion Systems, Ultra Violent System installations, UV Bulb Replacement, Upgraded Thermostats, Infinity Air Purifier Installation. Penguin Bucks can accumulate over the years. May be transferred to a new customer only. Penguin Bucks may stay with the home and are transferable to the new homeowner. Penguin bucks cannot be combined with the 15% discount, used for Diagnostic Fees, purchasing an extended labor war-ranty or on purchasing/renewing a Penguin Club maintenance agree-ment. For more information, please contact our office at 855-847-3898.

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