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The worst experience that can occur to any Florida homeowner is their AC not working properly or giving out on a hot day. While the sticky, moist, hot air is inside your house, and out. In addition AC unit that just isn’t working can be caused by quite a few issues. Where an air conditioning service may be in order first, be sure to refer to our other blogs to troubleshoot your problem even further;

Troubleshoot to Get Your AC Working

Dirty AC Filters
• Check your AC filters. Due to clogged up filters, debris builds up within your AC unit and stop air flow.
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Refrigerant Leak
• Leaks can cause a freezing in your AC lines or evaporator.
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Power Issues
• Tripped breakers or activated float switches may shut off your unit.
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Therefore, it can be hard to work out the tell-tale sign of what is wrong with your AC system. As a result, It is best to reach out to Progressive Air Systems to set up an appointment with one of our licensed technicians to diagnose your system today. Because, what could be signs of a dead unit or an overlooked issue can only be gauged by a professional. Don’t hesitate on calling today before your AC unit could get any further HVAC parts damaged.

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