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There are many problems that can lead to your HVAC unit failing, so what are the most common ones that Floridians should be aware of? The active hurricane season we experience takes a toll on units, not having regular system maintenance, and certain roof work can lead to changes in the wellbeing of your unit. Progressive Air Systems wants you to be aware of all of these factors to ensure you avoid your AC unit from breaking down. 

Tampa Bay is known as being one of the lightning capitals of the world with strikes occurring over 100 days each year! This takes a toll on our electronics annually, as most homeowners have surge protectors for indoor appliances it is just as important to keep you AC unit protected. If there is a storm and your power is going off a lot, be sure to turn off your AC unit until it’s over to avoid any electrical issues. Homeowners also cut down trees in preparation for hurricane season, and by doing so can remove shadows that once kept a house cool. This will now lead to AC units running non-stop which takes a toll on it leading to AC repair. 

Ignoring routine maintenance to save money now, will not save you money in the long term. Try to treat your AC unit like your car, which is used by you more often. Regular maintenance is imperative to avoid any air conditioning repair, as you cannot predict what will happen to your unit. Even just cleaning and flushing drain lines can go a long way! 

Lastly an issue that catches consumer mostly off guard is when roof repair happens, and they switch to a darker tiled roof. Typically it shouldn’t make a difference to the temperature of your house but it makes a difference within your attic and insulation. Make sure you check your insulation at least once a year, energy companies will do free energy audits and check duct sealing for you to ensure proper energy consumption! 

By keeping all of these in mind you can help ensure that you will stay cool all year round. Leaving your AC unit and your wallet happy! Contact us about our financing options.