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Air Conditioning Mistakes

There’s a misconception that “if one is good, two are better.” If one slice of a 1,000-calorie caramel-fudge-butterscotch cake is good, two must be better. If having one credit card is good, two must be better. If having your air conditioning unit running is good,...

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Indoor Humidity and What Can be Done About It

It’s another bad hair day. What’s going on? You scrubbed your hair in a circular motion. You blotted it dry instead of rubbing it. You even tapped into your next car payment when your stylist talked you into buying the fancy European mousse that she swore Kim...

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HVAC Surge Protector

The bathroom lights dim and brighten while you’re blow-drying your hair. Your computer screen flickers while you’re up against a deadline. Your air conditioner is suddenly buzzing like a cordless drill. And your television....is the little girl from “Poltergeist”...

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HVAC Tips for Efficiency

Lately, your utility bills have been so high that you’re considering dipping into junior’s college fund to pay them. Before you dash his dreams, consider this: your HVAC system may be the culprit. HVAC is an acronym for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. It is...

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Energy Ratings and Why they are Important

Do you turn off lights when you’re not using them? Power down your computer when you go to bed? Turn off your porch light at the crack of dawn? These are great energy-conscious choices. When these devices are on, however, they might not run as efficiently as possible....

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Air Purifier Benefits and Information

Outdoor air is teeming with allergens: fern spores, soy dust, fungi spores, weed pollen, tree pollen and grass pollen. However, your doors and windows won’t protect you from a home invasion masterminded by these irritants. Once inside, they unite with indoor allergens...

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Allergy Symptoms – 5 Tips to Minimize Symptoms at Home

Allergens are misunderstood. These irritants, which can trigger the misery of congestion, sneezing, scratchy eyes, and even asthma attacks, don’t only reside outdoors. They also flourish in your home -- in your sofa, on your pet, on your floor or even next to you in...

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Top 10 Reasons Why Your AC Could Break

Here are ten common issues that could cause your AC to start leaking, freezing up, or stop working. Use this information to troubleshoot an air conditioning unit that is not working properly.

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AC Not Blowing Cool Air? Learn Why Now

If your air conditioning unit is not blowing cold air then things like the air filters, power supply, and refrigerant will be immediate suspects. In this article, we cover those and a few other issues that can prevent an AC system from being able to cool your home.

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