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Allergy Symptoms – 5 Tips to Minimize Symptoms at Home

Allergens are misunderstood. These irritants, which can trigger the misery of congestion, sneezing, scratchy eyes, and even asthma attacks, don’t only reside outdoors. They also flourish in your home -- in your sofa, on your pet, on your floor or even next to you in...

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Top 10 Reasons Why Your AC Could Break

Here are ten common issues that could cause your AC to start leaking, freezing up, or stop working. Use this information to troubleshoot an air conditioning unit that is not working properly.

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AC Not Blowing Cool Air? Learn Why Now

If your air conditioning unit is not blowing cold air then things like the air filters, power supply, and refrigerant will be immediate suspects. In this article, we cover those and a few other issues that can prevent an AC system from being able to cool your home.

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Why Do I Have A Loud HVAC?

AC units are not the quietest appliances in the home. If your system is making strange noises then use this article to troubleshoot the potential problem with your air conditioner.

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AC Not Working? Learn Why Now

The worst experience that can occur to any Florida homeowner is their AC not working properly or giving out on a hot day. While the sticky, moist, hot air is inside your house, and out. In addition AC unit that just isn’t working can be caused by quite a few issues....

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Product Spotlight Infinity 18VS

Carrier® Variable-Speed Technology embodies a new level of product performance found in the Infinity 18VS heat pump. Compared to two-stage heat pumps, the Infinity 18VS heat pump, using a sophisticated internal control and is paired with the Infinity Wi-Fi Controller....

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Air Handler Keeps Running? Learn More Now

An issue some homeowners will run into is that their air handler will seem to run almost all of the time. 24/7/365. Which is a definite sign of an urgent problem that you need to fix! The best solution to this is calling out one of Progressive Air System's licensed...

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What is the Difference Between R-410A and R-22?

First off, as a homeowner it's important to understand the ins and outs of your HVAC unit over time. Furthermore especially when it comes down to understanding which refrigerant your unit requires. In the HVAC industry there is a phasing out of the old R-22...

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Côr™ WiFi Thermostat

Technology is rapidly advancing. Our partner Carrier, having created the air conditioner, is at the center of HVAC advances. It is only natural that they have complemented their Performance line series with their most exciting feature yet. Introducing the Côr™ WiFi...

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