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Technology is rapidly advancing. Our partner Carrier, having created the air conditioner, is at the center of HVAC advances. It is only natural that they have complemented their Performance line series with their most exciting feature yet. Introducing the Côr™ WiFi Thermostat. An AC wifi thermostat that will ensure that you have the best HVAC system experience. Fully integrated with “smart” technologies and even its own app! You can control your AC system as easily as you check your emails or Facebook wall.

Côr™ WiFi Thermostat Features

  • Full-color touch screen
  • Intuitive, on-screen prompts
  • Local weather 4-day forecast
  • Remote access via Internet, with Apple® and Android(TM) apps for smartphone or tablet devices
  • Detailed energy reports and customized energy saving tips
  • Smart setback intelligently adapts beyond manual programming for greater efficiency, while still meeting your ideal comfort levels
  • One-button Touch-N-Go quick-settings-change feature

First of all your heating and cooling system is where you spend most of your energy dollars. So finding new savings on your utilities is especially relevant. The innovative Côr™ wifi thermostat is designed to combine home comfort with reduced energy use; homeowners saved an average of 20% on their heating and cooling energy costs. It is a self-aware system that can even pull data from local Côr™ systems and your AC parts for statistics on ideal performance. Hence It’s why we call it the heart of a smarter home. And in addition if your system includes a Carrier heat pump and a furnace, its energy smart design can orchestrate their use as a Hybrid Heat® system to further stretch your energy dollars.

Seems like all you need is an Internet connection and you can have complete control over your system from your couch or while you’re at your favorite beach get- away.